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Yango Delivery Launches In The UAE To Empower E-Commerce Sector With One-Stop Shop Logistics Solution

With its platform enabling delivery-bound enterprises to easily outsource logistics at the last mile, Yango Delivery has made its debut in the United Arab Emirates. With a history in maptech, the business states that it can provide delivery for every sort of items, from food to furniture, at varied speeds from express to next day that are both cost-effective and traffic-proof.

The firm offers equally high-quality last-mile services to both small enterprises and larger corporations, giving customers a simplified experience and corporations an infrastructure that would assist their expansion into new markets and operational scalability.

Express (within an hour), same-day, and next-day deliveries are all supported, as are direct (to consumer) and reverse (pick-up) delivery methods; the latter is useful for handling refunds, for instance. Depending on the things they want to transport, partners on Yango Delivery have the option of using motorcycles, cars, vans, or chiller vans when scheduling deliveries.

Agam Garg, General manager at Yango Delivery UAE, says, “In the competitive delivery field, companies need tools to quickly react to the changing context with volatile demands. We are working on digitizing last mile logistics to grant our clients access to various delivery types in one place and possibility to easily switch between them or combine them, experimenting and finding the balance between the needed level of customer service and operational efficiency.

We take the hassle out of the delivery process for clients while taking care of optimal routes to deliver more with fewer vehicles. We also pride ourselves on our transparency in tracking, which ensures improved communication, easier analysis, and informed management decisions.”

With an exceptional on-time delivery success record of 98%, Yango Delivery uses a sophisticated algorithm to dispatch orders to routes by analyzing all necessary operational characteristics (such as the time frame guaranteed to clients) and traffic forecasts.

The platform may be accessed via a web interface, and an API or Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento extensions can be used to connect it into users’ systems.

For start-ups without a delivery infrastructure or without plans to build one, as well as for major companies with an internal, external, or hybrid fleet, Yango Delivery can serve as a backup option during periods of high demand.