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Quiqup focuses on eCommerce last-mile operations in line with shifting trends

As part of its efforts to adapt to changing trends, Quiqup, a last mile provider catering to customers throughout the UAE, moves to build on its strengths by focusing exclusively on eCommerce last-mile delivery.

This shift, which falls in line with Quiqup’s mission to remain in tune with consumer trends, is a natural transition considering clear indications that 40% of transactions in MENA’s USD1 trillion retail market will be conducted online.

Such a realignment will exponentially increase the need for rapid last-mile delivery services, and Quiqup today is ideally positioned to cater to that need effectively.

Consequently, with the exponential growth in E-commerce in the UAE and a USD400 billion addressable market across the MENA region, Quiqup will exit the overcrowded food delivery business and focus its efforts solely on e-commerce last-mile operations.

When it comes to last-mile operations, Quiqup stands apart thanks to its investment in proprietary technologies that have allowed the company to innovate at every step of the operation. This has given Quiqup the flexibility to design a customer-centric delivery experience and achieve the fastest delivery speeds and a 99% success rate, the highest in the region.

This vision has made it possible for Quiqup to transform the last-mile experience in the region via two tracks: 1) Using advancements in artificial intelligence and machine-learning models to provide frictionless delivery experiences, while solving fundamental problems with last-mile deliveries in the GCC market, 2) Providing a unique user experience based on continuous consumer research and understanding the needs of MENA consumers.

“The accelerated growth of e-commerce in the region over the past couple of years has naturally paved the way for this path,” says Quiqup CEO Bassel El Koussa. “We have seen an increase in demand for our services from both established e-commerce players in the market as well as plenty of promising new players. Quiqup’s mission is to create an effortless delivery experience, supporting both online merchants and their customers. Our laser-sharp focus ensures we deliver on that mission and continue developing great technologies and operations to support the GCC’s rapidly expanding e-commerce sector.”

Thanks to this innovative approach, Quiqup has been able to develop a unique ability to deliver bespoke solutions for big enterprises and has become the last-mile partner of choice for several large retail groups, such as Chalhoub group.

“Our ambition is to continuously delight our customers and improve their shopping experience. Our commitment is to always be reliable, fast, flexible and provide full transparency on the shopping journey. To achieve that, we need a strong partner that has the right technology, the ability to quickly scale up the operation and, more importantly, the right mindset driven by

customer centricity. I strongly believe that Quiqup ticks all these boxes. and that is the reason we have partnered with them. They are pioneers when it comes to e-commerce and they continuously disrupt the last-mile industry to ensure a second-to-none service level,” says Elmehdi Tahabouamri, Group Head of Transportation at Chalhoub Group.

Moreover, with 84% of MENA’s youth keen to become entrepreneurs and the exponential growth of eCommerce SMEs in the region, Quiqup fully intends to become their partner of growth across the region through serving as a catalyst that helps young entrepreneurs and SMEs, Quiqup has created easy plug-and-play end-to-end solutions, where SMEs can launch their business with Quiqup within 24 hours.  Some of the SMEs that partner with Quiqup include Bex Beauty Cosmetics and Hadia Ghaleb Swimwear.

Renowned Emirati singer and actress Balqees Fathi, the woman behind the Bex Beauty makeup line, had this to say:  “I believe in the power of recognition and empowerment leading to great customer service. Service, in short, is not what you do, but who you are. Quiqup was a good decision to get introduced on the Bex Beauty E-COM platform within the UAE for same day and 4-hour quick service. A fantastic organization! Great customer support from beginning to end of the process. The team are really informed and go the extra mile at every stage. Best of Luck Quiqup.”

Tarek Ghaleb, General Manager of Hadia Ghaleb Swimwear, praised Quiqup as an effective partner that helped their business easily meet their objectives, saying: “With a 4-hour delivery time within Dubai and only one day throughout the UAE, Quiqup is easily the fastest shipping service in the UAE. They have made the operation so much easier and have helped us achieve our targets in our business.”

An expert in four-hour delivery, same day and next-day deliveries to all cities in the UAE, but the company’s expertise goes beyond just rapid & reliable delivery: Quiqup also recently launched warehousing and fulfillment services to help SMEs launch their businesses through a full-solution service.

Quiqup is focused on becoming a regional leader and partner of choice for both enterprises & SMEs across MENA, with expansion plans in the KSA within six months, then on to the rest of the GCC and Egypt.