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Power Hour 2021: Stuart McGregor, General Manager at BK Gulf FM, Ranks 22nd

Ranking 22: Stuart McGregor, General Manager of BK Gulf Facilities Management

Stuart McGregor is the General Manager of BK Gulf Facilities Management, as well as the CEO of Lionweld Meiser and General Manager of Dutco McConnel Dowell.

Stuart was appointed in these roles 3 years ago and his tenure has been one of proactive change on all fronts of all these businesses. BKG FM business has seen unprecedented growth both in revenue and profitability throughout 2020, seeing revenue increase by 38% in a distraught and challenging year.

The focus, in line with the business plan, is to deliver quality service to clients that demand and understand the value of their assets. BKG FM does not chase unsustainable contracts. Maintaining an asset of any description is essential to the longevity of the asset’s lifespan. Stuart has introduced a completely new culture into all the businesses, empowering people to do their jobs equipped with the information & support they need to shine, developing detailed business plans that all the business leaders contributed to and now lead the delivery of. Now businesses have new direction & understand the strategy adopted as well as the principles behind the strategy.

The management structures of the businesses have been realigned to complement the plans. Stuart has introduced new, energised, and experienced leaders who have the capability and drive to deliver.

Stuart told CBNME: “The ability to offer inhouse specialist services, as well as leverage better prices for costs of support services, ultimately translates into a better value proposition for our clients and ensuring we can successfully control costs and negotiate a better deal for our clients. As a business we have also benefited through our relationship with our sister companies, often being able to bridge the gap between the construction phase and operation and maintenance phase of the facility, with a seamless and meaningful solution.”

Stuart’s career has been remarkably diverse, and he has held Board level positions for the past 20 years; clearly demonstrating his level of experience and ability to lead consistently.

Since taking over the leadership of these businesses Stuart has involved himself with various webinars, discussions, and debates with various peers from the Industry. He has made it his business to get to know the leaders of competitors, as well as clients.

He immerses himself fully in client discussions and negotiations, assisting them to understand the true value of our worth and the service that each business can provide.

BKG FM ‘s major business successes during 2020 and under Stuart’s leadership have been the securing major Integrated Facility Management contracts with JA Hotels & Resorts (7 No. 5 star hotel & resort facilities), Muzoon Holdings, AL Ali Property Investments (76 developments of Villas, High rise residential and commercial properties) and Novotel Dubai.