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Power 40 2023: Tarek Sultan, Vice Chairman and CEO, Agility

Agility has been led by Tarek Sultan since 1997. As Vice Chairman and CEO, he developed the business to employ more than 45,000 people across six continents and become a global leader in supply chain services, infrastructure, and innovation. He also invested in sustainability technology. Agility is now among the most prominent developers and private owners of industrial real estate in the Middle East and Africa, thanks to Tarek. He oversaw Agility’s 2022 acquisition of Menzies Aviation, the biggest supplier of aviation ground services worldwide. He leads the company’s infrastructure investments for the supply chain in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and other important MEA countries.

Companies that are among the top in the Middle East for fuel logistics, customs digitisation and modernisation, e-commerce and online logistics, and remote-site logistics are examples of agility-owned businesses. Its venture capital arm holds stakes in early-stage innovations in clean energy and transport, e-commerce enablement, and digital logistics.

Tarek currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of DSV, one of the top three international freight forwarders. He is a member of the Business Advisory Group of the World Trade Organisation, which was established in 2023 to hear business opinions on trade and regulations. Agility has led the way in creating fair labour standards, adopting green environmental standards, and ESG-focused business and community initiatives under Tarek. Agility has helped millions impacted by natural disasters and armed conflicts with humanitarian logistics. It actively collaborates with global organisations that help underprivileged people and refugees in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia by offering them healthcare, education, and training.