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Power 40 2023: Mohammad Sleiman, Founder of Cartlow

With over 18 years of managerial experience under his belt, Mohammad Sleiman is an accomplished professional who has led global companies like Hewlett-Packard and Western Union.

Mohammad Sleiman is the former managing director and co-founder of Helpbit.com, a Souq company that Amazon purchased in 2017. He was a regional director for Amazon, leading the After Market Service department for two years throughout the region.

He started Cartlow in 2019 as a re-commerce platform, and it quickly expanded to become the top cloud-based technology platform for reverse logistics in the UAE and KSA. In the long run, he wants to build a more sustainable environment and organise, change, and control the multibillion-dollar reverse logistics industry.

With a BSc in Management & Technology from Dublin, Ireland, he has a wealth of international experience and a profound comprehension of dominating various global markets.