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Power 40 2023: Rita Huang Zhen, Founder and CEO of iMile

Founded in 2017 by the inspirational Ms. Rita Huang Zhen, iMile has become the leading Middle Eastern e-commerce logistics provider, leading a revolution in last-mile delivery services. With its strategic headquarters in Dubai, iMile quickly expanded to become a global powerhouse with a strong presence in more than 15 locations worldwide.

The foundation of iMile’s success, its cutting-edge proprietary technology, highlights its dedication to redefining logistics. An unmatched competitive advantage is their in-house tech platform, which offers an end-to-end digitalisation framework. Technology is more than just a tool at iMile; it’s a means by which partners can quickly adopt and succeed.

Motivated by the goal of becoming a global provider of e-commerce logistics solutions, iMile has expanded its reach from the Middle East and Latin America to new frontiers such as Poland, Australia, and South Africa.

iMile fosters an ecosystem of opportunities beyond just logistics. They connect supply and demand through their extensive network, creating employment opportunities and supporting SMEs worldwide. Because of iMile’s unwavering commitment to innovation and worldwide connectivity, they are positioned as a leader in the logistics industry, empowering companies and influencing the connected world of the future. As the business develops, its unwavering commitment to transforming e-commerce delivery, empowering SMEs, and enabling globalisation to foster a vibrant, interconnected community remains the same.