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Power 40 2023: Rami Younes, General Manager and Head of Sales for Swisslog Middle East

With his strategic expertise in data-driven and robotic solutions, Rami Younes, General Manager and Head of Sales for Swisslog Middle East is driving the automation revolution in the logistics industry.

Rami’s accomplishments in prior positions within the Middle Eastern logistics sector demonstrate his more than 25 years of industry experience. Swisslog’s senior management teams benefit greatly from his deep regional insight, which informs strategy and opens new growth opportunities. His work is essential in helping to customise automation solutions to the requirements of companies in the region, which helps to streamline operations and significantly increase efficiency. His deep knowledge of sophisticated industrial goods and supply chains positions Swisslog as a leader in the region’s rapidly expanding logistics automation market.

Swisslog, a robotics company under the KUKA Group, has become the industry leader by offering data-driven solutions. Their global vision is driven by over 14,000 committed professionals who are steadfast in their commitment to innovation—Swisslog’s products centre on warehouse automation, which is quickly changing industry standards. The company’s influence is especially noticeable in the growing e-commerce and e-grocery sectors. Swisslog’s solutions offer more than just automation; they also improve operations holistically, producing more insightful data, faster services, scalability, and impressive cost savings.

Swisslog offers several solutions, including AutoStore, an order processing and storage robotised system that is highly flexible and efficient. AutoStore is distinguished by its small size, which enables it to occupy confined spaces and provide quick retrieval and highly accurate operations via sophisticated robotics. This solution is further characterised by its preemptive safety measures and user-friendly software. Over 300 successful implementations worldwide demonstrate how AutoStore’s ability to streamline operations has benefited various industries, including manufacturing, grocery, retail, F&B, and e-commerce.

One of Swisslog’s regional partnerships was with Raha, Kuwait’s first automated e-grocery platform. This partnership demonstrates Swisslog’s capacity to provide innovative solutions suited to particular industry and national requirements.

The logistics automation growth trajectory in the Middle East aligns with Rami Younes’s vision for Swisslog. Under his leadership, the logistics industry is driven through a strategic transformation rather than a technological implementation. His goal is to solidify Swisslog’s position as the leader in data-driven robotic intralogistics automation by continuously innovating, having a significant impact, and being dedicated to pushing the envelope of what is conceivable in warehouse automation.