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Power 40 2023: Nour Suliman, CEO of DHL Express Middle East and North Africa

Nour Suliman leads a team of 5600 workers in 19 markets while supervising, managing, and developing regional partner relationships. Nour, who began working for DHL Express 46 years ago, served as the organisation’s Saudi Arabian country manager from 2007 until now. Over the past few years, DHL Express Saudi Arabia has continuously performed admirably under his direction.

In this capacity, he oversaw a team of more than a thousand workers while managing the company in Bahrain and working in four other countries in the region. He has been in charge of DHL’s regional expansion and investment strategy, which aims to improve the region’s link to the world market. Over the years, the company has invested millions of dollars to strengthen its capacities, facilities, and logistical capabilities to sustain its leadership position as the region’s leading express and logistics powerhouse, built on exceptional customer service.

DHL has increased rotations into KSA, which accounts for a significant portion of its business, expanded its lanes into Asia, and expanded its air fleet to its regional aviation fleet. DHL has also developed its intraregional and intercontinental routes, direct connections, and flights like the recently launched overnight flight from Bahrain to Istanbul.

One of Suliman’s recent accomplishments was leading DHL through the COVID-19 crisis when he had to alter the company’s entire network and operations quickly and drastically in ways that would have typically required years of preparation and analysis. He had to manage the unexpected increase in volume, the sudden reduction in workforce, the backlog of shipments, the grounding of flights, and the unexpected loss of commercial belly space.

Furthermore, the CEO has prioritised talent development, as evidenced by DHL’s repeated recognition as a Top Employer in several MENA nations and as the Best Place to Work in the Middle East by the preeminent global authority on workplace cultures, Great Place to Work. This is one of Nour’s proudest accomplishments and demonstrates his dedication to putting people first by upholding a positive workplace culture driven by mutual trust, highly motivated employees, and a spirit of innovation and camaraderie.

He spent eight years as DHL International Bahrain’s country manager before this. In addition, he held several other managerial positions, such as Commercial Manager at DHL International United Arab Emirates, Country Sales and Marketing Manager at DHL International Cairo, and Customer Service Manager at DHL Bahrain.nder his direction