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Power 40 2023: Mohsen Ahmad , CEO of Dubai South-Logistics District

As CEO of Dubai South, Mohsen Ahmad oversees the entire Logistics District. After creating its free zone and the Dubai Logistics Corridor—a single, custom-bonded zone that links Jebel Ali Port and Al Maktoum International Airport—Mohsen supervises the district’s financial planning, sets its strategic directions and goals, and runs the overall execution of its operations. He also set the foundation for upcoming developments to guarantee the district’s sustainable growth.

Mohsen supported the creation of EZDubai because he saw the increasing number of foreign and regional movers in Dubai and anticipated the quick growth of e-commerce. This purpose-built e-commerce hub’s cutting-edge infrastructure and facilities support the industry’s growth within the Logistics District. As a seasoned professional in the field, he contributed significantly to creating Dubai’s overarching e-commerce strategy, strengthening the emirate’s standing as a centre for international e-commerce.

Mohsen substantially contributed to the Logistics District’s growth over the years. With the help of his invaluable assistance, Dubai became a highly recognised logistics hub and trade corridor, attracting foreign investments and cultivating a vibrant ecosystem.