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Power 40 2023: Joerg Mommertz, Managing Director of MAN Truck & Bus Middle East

A veteran of the commercial vehicle sector, Joerg Mommertz has over 40 years of varied management experience leading innovative change in multiple global locations. After demonstrating exceptional performance in pivotal managerial positions at MAN Truck & Bus in Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, and India, Joerg is presently spearheading the company’s transformation endeavours in more than 75 countries throughout the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and the CIS markets (MEALA & CIS).

As the Head of Centre MEALA & CIS and Managing Director of MAN Truck & Bus Middle East, he has been leading the charge to strengthen ties with private capital importers in the area and create new alliances for the company. After only four and a half years in this new position, the results are precise, and centre MEALA&CIS is already the most significant contributor and the fastest growing region among International markets for MAN Truck & Bus.

Joerg is the go-to person in the MAN world because of his ability to recognise an asset, integrate it, turn it around, and unlock its full potential in an industry that experiences periodic ups and downs. Joerg, who plays sports, applies much of his sporting mentality to business. To make everyone feel involved in joint success, he firmly believes in developing and sharing a clear vision or goal and fostering a culture of collective ownership.
He has ensured that the MEALA&CIS centre is financially, culturally, and structurally prepared for the next stage of the MAN growth journey, which involves moving towards e-mobility.