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Power 40 2023: Fadi Amoudi, Founder and CEO of IQ

The Founder & CEO of IQ, Fadi Amoudi, has built a reputation for excellence and innovation in the MENA region’s e-commerce logistics. With its three companies—IQ Robotics, IQ Fulfilment, and IQ Hybrid—IQ is using robotics and artificial intelligence to redefine the industry by providing unmatched efficiency and customised solutions.

With the Brands For Less Group (BFL Group), IQ Robotics recently celebrated the completion of its fourth partnership, a transformation project that establishes a new standard for retail logistics in Saudi Arabia. The project’s deployment of 130 cutting-edge robots demonstrates IQ’s commitment to improving its partners’ logistical operations and giving them a competitive edge in a market that is changing quickly. Moreover, IQ has gained traction in the KSA market by forming strategic alliances and supplying their exclusive software to a range of customers. The direct impact of these partnerships and projects is evident in the enhanced efficiency and precision that clients experience in their logistics operations.

Parallel to this, IQ Fulfilment has shown how automation can revolutionise the logistics industry. Companies using IQ’s automated solutions have seen a startling 250% increase in productivity. IQ has demonstrated a consistent track record of technological innovation and strategic expansion under Fadi’s leadership. IQ is creating a future where e-commerce operations are resilient and adaptable to the demands of contemporary commerce, in addition to being efficient, by utilising a combination of advanced robotics, proprietary software solutions, and a deep understanding of the logistics sector.