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Power 40 2023: Christopher Cook , Managing Director of Maersk UAE, Oman, and Qatar

In the UK, Christopher Cook began working for Maersk in 2002. For the past four years, he has worked in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Dubai, UAE. Throughout his career, Christopher has not only taken on commercial roles but also strongly emphasised strategy development, market-oriented solution design, and customer-centric approach implementation.

He claims that Maersk believes in an integrated and connected world. For them, trade goes beyond the movement of necessities like food, clothing, and medications. Additionally, there is trust, innovation, and cultural exchange. Their ultimate objective is to ensure sustainability for future generations while simultaneously enhancing global prosperity and quality of life for all.

Damco employed Cook as the Global Owner of the Lifestyle Industry Vertical, and he was based in the Netherlands before taking on his current duties. He oversaw the development and implementation of the global PNL strategy. Cook graduated with honours from the University of Cardiff in the United Kingdom with a Bachelor of Science in Logistics.