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Savoye To Augment Automation in Saudi Arabia’s Expanding Logistics and Supply Chain Market

Helmed as one of the leading global warehouse automation manufacturers, robotics integrators and supply chain software publishers, Savoye has announced that it will enter the logistics and supply chain market in Saudi Arabia. Their move will align with its commitment always to be closer to its customers and provide local expertise and innovative solutions in the Kingdom. The company will debut at Seamless Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, one of the most significant events in the country that concentrates on the latest innovation in payments, fintech, retail, and e-commerce.

 Savoye will unveil its unique automated and data-driven solutions to Saudi Arabia’s market and enhance its customer base and partnerships. The company’s entry into the KSA market holds a mark – as it aligns with the time when the Saudi government prioritises automation and innovation. This significant step will enable the Kingdom to upgrade its infrastructure and transportation networks – opening a potential for substantial logistics and supply chain companies. This will leverage them to keep up with Saudi Vision 2030, aspiring to create industries that bring cutting-edge technologies to the country. 

Alain Kaddoum, Managing Director of Savoye Middle East, says, “The market in Saudi Arabia presents many opportunities for Savoye, especially with the mega projects in the pipeline and government prioritising automation and robotics in many sectors. We will utilise our innovative business strategies, which helped us to solidify our position in neighbouring countries despite starting operations in 2021, to penetrate the KSA market. And with our world-class software and hardware logistics solutions, we will look forward to emerging as one of the top suppliers of automation, robotics, and software for the intralogistics sector in the Kingdom. Our participation in Seamless Saudi Arabia is the first step towards this direction and will strengthen our position in the market. The event allows us to exhibit our expertise in the Retail and e-commerce sectors and what we can offer to the KSA market in general.”

Alongside, Savoye has appointed Khalil Sebaaly as the Business Development Manager in the KSA to create awareness and foster customer ties for seamless operations. In addition, Sebaaly will provide a distinctive perspective on the market, build new strategic alliances, and locate suppliers to promote the technology and services provided by Savoye across the country. 

Khalil Sebaaly, Business Development Manager of Savoye, says, “I am excited to be a part of Savoye’s new initiative, which offers one of the greatest automated and software solutions for the supply chain and logistics sectors in Saudi Arabia. I am grateful that I have been allowed to work with Savoye and help develop its base in the country. My initial goals in KSA will be to develop the business, strengthen the local presence, network with potential clients, research new updates in the market, and raise awareness of Savoye as a whole. After starting its business in Saudi Arabia, we anticipate Savoye to become a significant force in the sector in a short period.” 

As part of Savoye’s participation in Seamless Saudi Arabia, Kaddoum will join a panel discussion focusing on the rise of Q-Commerce in KSA. Savoye will highlight the latest trends in warehouse automation, robotics, and supply chain software during the event.