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Logistics News LOGISTICS POWER 25 2021 News

Power 25 2021: Farooq Shaikh, Chief Executive Office, LogiPoint, Ranks 4

As the leading operators of Logistics Parks and Economic Zones in Saudi Arabia, LogiPoint started its journey as the first and only bonded and re-export zone in the country. Since then, it has established itself as a platform that enables the logistics and supply chain industry with innovative solutions and pioneering initiatives.

Shaikh has over 20 years of high impact experience in the Middle East’s shipping and logistics industry and has previously held senior leadership roles within leading global organisations in the UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, and Pakistan prior to moving to Saudi.

In 2009, Shaikh joined the SISCO Group’s SAR2 billion Red Sea Gateway Terminal project as part of the core senior management team and played an instrumental role in building, launching, and operating the first privately built state-of-the-art container terminal in the country.

Since joining LogiPoint in 2018, Shaikh is committed to transforming the organisation into a regional logistics hub.

At LogiPoint, Shaikh has been leading the drive to transform the organisation into the region’s foremost supply chain and logistics hub. He has reinforced the LogiPoint mantra of going ‘One Step Further’ in enabling the logistics industry and identifying opportunities for growth and development by working closely with industry stakeholders to anticipate and understand the needs of the market.

This has enabled LogiPoint to design, introduce and implement innovative solutions which create market efficiencies through eliminating waste, reducing cost, and increasing profitability for their clients.

Industry recognition for LogiPoint’s value proposition has come in two ways: in signing of strategic partnership contracts with global blue-chip companies in eCommerce, express delivery, FMCG and 3PL segments; and in the form of various prestigious industry awards as a supply chain and logistics hub.

Shaikh points to this industry recognition as further proof of LogiPoint being fully aligned with the Vision 2030 goal of turning the Kingdom into a leading international logistics hub.

This collaboration was at display as LogiPoint responded to the challenges posed by the pandemic. They remained close to their customers to address their immediate concerns and to deliver on agreed KPIs without compromising the service quality and standards. LogiPoint has registered a robust growth of over 22% in its business in 2021 as compared to same period last year. A key achievement was to attain this growth

As a veteran of the Middle East logistics landscape, Shaikh is upbeat and optimistic about the growth prospects of the Kingdom’s economy in the post pandemic world and believes that LogiPoint will continue to be at the forefront of the region’s logistics and supply chain market.