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Logistics News LOGISTICS POWER 25 2021 News

Power 25 2021: Mohammed Ali Almajdouie, Chief Executive Officer, Almajdouie Logistics, Ranks 3

AlMajdouie has been part of the AlMajdouie Group for eight years. Since taking charge of the Group, Almajdouie has strived to build on the company’s momentum while navigating the complex challenges surrounding the industry.

“I have spent most of my life around the business. Before my current appointment, I served as the Managing Director of Changan in Saudi Arabia and played a key role in developing the brand within the Kingdom,” Almajdouie tells LNME.

Through advancements in automation and the development of its digital capabilities, Almajdouie Logistics has been able to streamline operations, enhance team members’ skills, and better serve its customers. He also remains focused on developing a company culture that empowers employees and creates a positive and productive workplace environment.

Digitalisation remains an active area of focus and, at present, more than 80% of its process and services are fully automated and integrated with stakeholder platforms.

He adds: “In line with this, we recently enhanced our fleet with advanced telematics solutions that have improved safety and efficiency. This supports our ambitious digital transformation programme, enabling us to build our business through real-time fleet management capabilities and data-driven insights.

“Capitalising on the growth of eCommerce in the Kingdom, we have added last-mile delivery and fulfillment services to our offerings. This milestone cemented our position as the first company in the region to offer complete end-to-end logistics services. Moreover, we have restructured our safety functions across the Kingdom.”

Saudi Arabia is making huge strides towards achieving its Vision 2030 goals, particularly becoming a global hub for logistics services that connects three continents. Having the right infrastructure in place is vital and Almajdouie Logistics is proud to support this process with its expertise, workforce, and extensive portfolio of assets.

He says: “Our most prized asset is our workforce, which forms the backbone of our organization. Backed by our strong company culture and a focus on safety, our team members function as one family to help customers overcome the most challenging logistical requirements. This is even more vital during these challenging times.”

“Supply chain and logistics operations are on the frontline of the pandemic, keeping essential supplies moving despite significant transport disruptions, movement restrictions, and market volatility. These complications have accelerated the need to innovate, an area in which Almajdouie Logistics excels.”