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CBNME FM Power 30 2022

CBNME FM Power 30: Tony Martin, CEO at Al Bonian Facilities Management, Ranks 14th

Tony Martin, appointed as CEO at Al Bonian Facilities Management (ABFM) in July 2018 has been working in senior roles in the region since January 2008 starting out at BK Gulf, QBG FM and Idama to now ABFM.

Tony put emphasis on personal progression and the building of all aspects FM to the ABFM team, ensuring that training was funded, and individuals had the opportunity to learn and progress their careers.

ABFM in the previous 12 months driven by the leadership of Tony, have been extremely successful in contracts wins and retention. 2021, was an extremely challenging period, and as such, proactive strategies and measures had to be aggressively implemented to ensure business continuity, and progression toward and into 2022.

Tony told CBNME: “It has been a very busy period, with not only new contract wins but also the launch of ABFM new service of Luxury Home Maintenance Services, ‘REPARA’ directed at delivering high quality services for high end properties. During the previous 12 months ABFM have successfully renewed all existing contracts and added substantial properties to their portfolio through new wins.”

The most iconic being Meydan Grandstand, golf course and Racecourse which is proven to be an enormous challenge to ensure readiness for the Dubai World Cup, the richest horse race in the world. Due to the importance of these recent tenders and wins, and in the attempt to move on from Covid19, Tony personally overseen the entire bidding and negotiation process, to lead his team to success.

The expansion of ABFM in the previous 12 months has been considerable, this in addition to a very high volume of variable works within fixed contracts and winning work for one-off projects within their portfolio, building on the relationship with the client. This has seen an increase in resources of 18% and increase in revenue of 31% in the period of 12 months. By default this also meant that the business support and corporate numbers have increased considerably, especially with doubling the numbers in the 24/7 helpdesk facility, that ABFM have had to expand their office space and double its capacity.

Tony has brought to ABFM, focus, a desire to be successful, deliver quality services and grow exponentially within the region. Leading by example and showing his team that anything is possible. Even though the competition is either global funded or nationally led FM organisations, do not let this intimidate. Use this in the quest, and fuel for success.

2022, is proving to be under the leadership of Tony Martin, a very exciting and successful year for ABFM in its continued growth within the region. The company under the stewardship of Tony for these past 4 years has quadrupled its revenue, showing healthy profits, continued success and increasing of its portfolio with some very high-profile clients.