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CBNME FM Power 30 2022

CBNME FM Power 30: Sanjeevv Bhatia, Chairman of SB Group & CEO of Netix Global, Ranks 17th

Headquartered as Netix Global BV in Schiphol-Rijk (Netherlands), Netix Global is aiming for a connected world with sustainability and carbon neutrality as the central focus. Netix Global is a leading solution provider that specializes in the digital transformation of energy management and automation in homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure development and various industries. Building on the strengths of an open framework and IoT technology-driven approach, Netix Global is a premier provider of best-in-class building automation systems, solutions and services.

A ceaseless and ambitious serial entrepreneur, Sanjeevv Bhatia is the Chairman of SB Group and CEO of Netix Global BV, a vendor neutral iIBMS automation solutions provider, with a strong focus on solutions for sustainable smart buildings, smart cities and energy efficiency, including an intelligent Integrated Command & Control Center (iICCC) for remote monitoring & management of facilities. He is the force behind an impressive portfolio of companies, offering cutting edge products and services across the Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific and the USA. Sanjeevv is also the Managing Director and Partner at Teknoware Middle East, and CEO of ODS Global DMCC, Exenture Global BV, Netix Global BV and Exenture Films India Pvt Ltd, Sanjeevv’s urge to address unmet needs through innovation has found expression in an array of market leading ventures.

After Sanjeevv founded the SB Group in 2008, the group’s expertise increased and opportunities arose, the subsidiaries were conceived, developed, and grown.

“Today, regardless of their standalone capabilities and scope, I have embedded sustainability, energy efficiency, and savings as the cornerstones of each,” said Sanjeevv.

“I realised it’s not enough to just rely on the goodwill that ODS global has enjoyed so far and expanded the team with a wider knowledge base so that a customer would never have to rely on a 3rd party for any service. Through our “Right to Repair” and “Are you tired of your current BMS” campaigns, we have managed to educate our customers that they too have the option to have a fully functional system on their premises and it won’t cost them an arm and a leg.”

Sajeevv had been studying the Software as a Service (SAAS) model for many years now and was convinced this is the future, that it is beneficial to a client with multiple properties.

“Today our integrated intelligent Control Command Center (iiCCC) is so advanced and versatile that customers see the benefits right away. And with every passing month, more and more AI-based algorithms are added, making our platform highly effective. Customers can enjoy the benefits from Day 1 of implementation,” Sanjeevv explained.

“Teknoware Central Battery System is well accepted and part of over 90% of consultant specifications in the market for new projects. Despite this, our team ensures that we visit our consultants and clients regularly and help design projects in the most cost-effective and energy-efficient manner,” Sanjeevv concluded.