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CBNME FM Power 30 2022

CBNME FM Power 30: Mohamad Abou Laban, CEO, Deyaar Facilities Management, Ranks 7th

With more than twenty years of experience working in the GCC’s facilities management industry, Mohamad held senior positions in various local and multinational organisations.

He is known for his passion towards his customers and the service quality delivered to them. Mohamad has a proven track record in implementing international best practices, improving safety standards, increasing profitability and driving efficiency.

For the past four years, Mohamad has held the position of CEO at Deyaar Facilities Management and is also the recipient of CEO of the Year 2021 by CBN ME. He says: “At Deyaar FM our aim is to achieve sustainable growth. We have started off this year on a high note and expect to continue with the same momentum whereby exceeding the expectations.”

For any company the biggest asset is the staff, and it is important that it take cares of them. With the recent weekend changes, Deyaar FM decided that its white-collar staff will work a four and half day week to increase productivity and motivation within the work week.

He adds: “We have already noticed a positive change with this decision. From a growth perspective, it was important for DFM to add more services in-house, hence we have started in- house chiller maintenance and façade cleaning and repairs as a new segment. Moreover, we also aim to penetrate new sectors and provide those clients with tailor made solutions.”

Deyaar FM will continue investing in technology, particularly in the augmented reality domain with an aim to improve service delivery, increase customer satisfaction and to reduce costs.

Mohamad says: As part of enhancing and streamlining our internal processes, we have now launched our new comprehensive app enabled HR system whereby all the activities are done online and in real time. We have seen the FM market re- emerging strongly out of the pandemic. At Deyaar FM we have been successful in achieving the expected growth for the year 2021.”

Deyaar FM recorded a 60% increase in manpower for the year 2021 achieving an 18% overall business growth where it signed 29 new contracts.

He adds: We have also ventured into new sectors within the UAE market like Healthcare and Retail. Deyaar FM successfully attained the ISO 41001 Facility Management certification as well as the BICSc certification thus reaffirming our commitment to providing quality services to our clients. These accreditations will help us standardise our policies and procedures further enhancing our service delivery. We now have two fully equipped training centres where all our staff shall undergo professional training. We have successfully executed a transformational strategy to meet the highest international standards and best practices, which positioned the company as one of the UAE’s leading FM service providers known for delivering high quality service and cost-effective tailored solutions.”