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In Conversation with Karim Helal, Co-Founder and CEO of ProTenders

Karim Helal, Co-Founder and CEO of ProTenders launched the platform in 2011, rolling out the first feature of e-Tendering.

Traditionally, tendering involved stacks of proposals that involved an innumerable quantity of paper and multiple weeks or months of time investment to review and award bids. Seeing that this affected productivity and time management in the industry, which further delayed other processes, ProTenders’ e-Tendering was launched in 2011.

Followed by this digitalisation, there seemed to be a demand for identifying construction opportunities with the right stakeholders, and soon turning this demand into an opportunity to help the AEC industry, a full-fledged ProTenders’ platform which include market intelligence and a comprehensive partner search were launched in 2016.

CBNME spoke to Karim Helal at the recently concluded Big 5 about ProTenders and why the platform has taken off.

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