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Efficient, Durable and Precise: Interview with Paul Bruns, Regional Director, Putzmeister

Putzmeister have been global leaders in the world of construction and mining since 1958. The company is also leading the way by being more innovative with their products.

Innovative technologies that are constantly updated as per the latest research and development, and market requirements. Customising equipment to the exact needs of our customers and providing effective, long term and simple solutions to complex problems through our hardy and versatile machines. Handling and decoding complex construction assignments across the globe. Ably and actively partnering clients on projects and helping them deliver on their promises.

CBNME caught up with Paul Bruns, Regional Director of Putzmeister, at the recently concluded Big 5 event in Dubai.

“We provide world class products and services, setting the standards for quality through continuous and significant investment in research and development. Putzmeister provide our clients with advice and support ranging from the right choice of machines to be used for a construction project to engineering solutions,” said Paul Burns.

Products that are catered to concrete, shotcrete, telebelt, mortar, tunneling, mining, energy, and environment, all have the right technology implemented in them to make them stand out.

On jobsites or in industrial facilities worldwide, Putzmeister technology takes care that all machines and installations are working perfectly. With different pump and conveying systems Putzmeister offers you always the right machine for your application.

The label ‘Made by Putzmeister’ is an implicit promise to their customers that they will have a thinking, intelligent partner in all their undertakings.

A partner that will deliver to their exact requirements irrespective of the complexity of the task or the remoteness of the scale.

With enthusiasm backed by experience we approach every task afresh, be it a small scale construction or a mass assignment, tight deadlines or unique concreting and manufacturing needs.

“We provide customized solutions to complex and diverse challenges faced by our clients in every part of the globe,” concluded Paul

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