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Armenia FZE provides quality stone here in the UAE

Nora Sanamyan, founder of and owner of the Armenian natural stone Trading Company, Armenia FZE, in UAE, tells CBNME how their stones are of high quality.

Armenia FZE was established in 2004, and the company is the exclusive dealer of Armenian natural stones from the great mountains of Armenia. Armenia FZE imports four types of natural stone: tuff stone, felsite stone, travertine, and basalt.

Armenian Natural Stones are known for their exceptional characteristics, which qualify them among the top choices for luxury projects around the world, such as villas, malls, landscapes, and restaurants. Projects such as Lusin Restaurant in Saudi Arabia, Toleen Restaurant in Saudi Arabia, Al Rahmania Mall in Sharjah and many private villas in UAE.

UAE market is highly dynamic and gives an opportunity for every new product to import & distribute. Opportunities are being provided for foreign traders when exposed to new markets.


Performance in 2019 and COVID-19 impact

2019 was one of the best performing years for the Armenia FZE company. We had delivered three big projects which were completed.

Around the world, many incidents occur and recently COVID 19, which affected all kinds of businesses. However, in the near future, we hope the world will recover, and everything will be back to normal.


Armenian natural stones are unique because Tuff & Felsite stones have unique characteristics. They provide 30% better insulation protection during winter and summer compared to other stones in which they keep house ambient warm in winter and cool in summer. They have several medicinal properties. For example, lung disease sufferers would feel more convenient in rooms decorated with Tuff & Felsite. They can be used for outdoor & indoor decoration. About Armenian Travertine: House with wall cladding with Armenian Travertine 40-50% protecting walls from molds; this type is essential, especially in UAE, where humidity is very high.

Armenian natural stones are used for building and villa wall cladding and are also used for decoration elements or the building’s facade.

Armenian Travertine & basalt are used for landscape projects because these two types have very high density and minimum percentage of water absorption.

Technology and Innovation

Armenia FZE have done an Exova lavatory test to all stone types to ensure we can meet each customer’s needs as our focus is always related to our customer needs.


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