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Power hour 2022

Power Hour 2022: Siraj Power’s CEO, Laurent Longuet, Ranks 51st

Laurent has a BS of Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris / France) and a MS of Paris Tech (Paris / France – Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées)
Before SirajPower, Laurent spent more than 15 years developing and constructing international energy projects in Europe, Iran, Indonesia, and the Middle East for the Group Total. Laurent’s track record is built across a range of executive/senior leadership positions in the renewable energy industry, particularly in the solar sector with Shams 1 Company, SunPower, and Akuo Energy
SirajPower is a solar company in Dubai set up by Corys Environment, the environmental investment arm of Green Coast Enterprises, a family-owned business established in 1977. Founded in 2015, SirajPower is the UAE’s locally owned and leading distributed solar energy provider in the region, offering comprehensive turnkey innovative solutions combining the development, financing, construction, and operation of solar energy solutions for commercial, and industrial, residential, and educational institutions under one umbrella.
Changing the way the Middle East is powered, SirajPower’s advanced, record-breaking solar energy technology solutions allow companies across all sectors to maximize savings, gain energy independence, and meet sustainability goals.
SirajPower solar energy solutions provide a one-stop solution for all energy needs and pioneered the innovative concept of offering comprehensive financed solar solutions in the region.
SirajPower offers comprehensive solar energy solutions, including On-Grid distributed solar business, an Off-Grid Power business that uses solar, diesel, and battery hybrid systems to reduce fuel consumption and operating costs, and an On-Demand Solar Energy solution, HYPR, which is the first of its kind on-demand transportable lithium-ion batteries in the UAE.
SirajPower is the only locally owned company in Dubai licensed and certified to offer under the same umbrella both Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC), O&M, and financing solutions.
SirajPower holds the largest distributed solar energy portfolio of +100 MWp and is rapidly expanding to become the regional Green Champion.
o 100+ MWp solar asset portfolio
o More than 600,000 sqm of roofs of solar PV installation
o 190+ buildings being operated and maintained
o +85,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions reduced
o $50 million long-term non-recourse credit facility ($50 million debt financing portfolio)

We remain the preferred and only choice of our existing clients when expanding their sustainable solutions through solar energy while decreasing their energy costs like Hepworth (solar rooftop expanded to solar carport), RSA (extended to other group subsidiaries, 7 locations, from solar rooftop to solar carport), Nakheel (7 projects), DP World (6 projects) and Landmark (extended to 3 facilities).
Al Ghurair Group, Al Shirawi Group, Lals Group, Dubai Sevens Stadium and Nakheel are the latest additions to SirajPower’s impressive and continuously growing portfolio of blue-chip names in the UAE.