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Power hour 2022

Power Hour 2022: Martin Kruczinna, Chief Executive Officer Pearl Polyurethane Systems, Ranks 55th

Widely regarded as an international expert in the field of polyurethane-based innovation and solutions, Martin is a strong supporter of the increased use of PU-based applications in a range of industrial and everyday uses, in particular the building and infrastructure insulation sector to combat the effects of global warming due to their superior energy saving and sustainability attributes.

With over a decade of industry experience in Germany and internationally, Martin is CEO of Pearl Polyurethane Systems, an award-winning polyurethane solutions innovator and largest system house in the Middle East and Africa, serving a range of clients globally.

As a leader in the building and infrastructure insulation sector, the Dubai-based company has supplied polyurethane insulation foam systems for several iconic projects in the Gulf region, including Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, and more recently, the Germany Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 as well as Bustanica – the world’s largest vertical farm recently opened in Dubai.

This year, the company released a new ground-breaking low lambda insulation product for continuous metal sandwich insulation panels as part of Pearl’s growing EcoPearl product range, with Pearl’s R&D team winning the coveted Innovative Insulation Project of the Year award for the first R&D initiative of its type launched in the Middle East.

Adding to its growing list of industry firsts, this year Pearl became the first system house in the EMEA region to receive new carbon-neutral MDI material from its former joint venture partner and long-time supplier Covestro, helping its downstream customers to reduce their carbon footprint by offering a broader portfolio of more sustainable raw materials while reducing the carbon footprint.

Currently well advanced on its strategic growth plan to double in size, the company is planning to grow its geographic footprint while servicing an ever-growing client base globally.

Recently, Martin also spearheaded a successful diversity and gender equality drive at the company to address the balance in what has otherwise been a largely male dominated industry in the past.