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Power hour 2022

Power Hour 2022: Joe Tabet, Managing Director & Founder of JT+Partners, Ranks 7th

Joe Tabet is an innovative visionary architect wearing different hats, with +20 years of professional experience in worldwide architecture and construction industry.

Joe founded JT&Partners in 2015, starting with a handful of staff in a +100sqm office in Business Bay, Dubai. The company became an “overnight success”, earning recognition as an acclaimed international multidisciplinary consultant with impressive projects located in global destinations

In the span of seven years, despite economic slumps and pandemic challenges, Joe persevered, formulated vision/ mission, planned everything around the future, from business strategy to financial situation and started exploring for work in different geographies and other sectors like healthcare. Subsequently, JT&Partners grew to more than twice its original size. His initial staff rose to +70, its Dubai office increased to +300sqm and the company expanded its practice to Abu Dhabi and Beirut.

Taking advantage of multi-skilled resources availability in the region, Joe employed people from multicultural backgrounds, of +15 different nationalities with diverse professional experiences. Thus, JT&Partners has an energetic, collaborative, creative team of innovative individuals with their fingers on the pulse of global architecture and construction, from latest technologies and trends, to oldest traditions, producing bespoke designs that reflect diversity in culture, experience and understanding.

Joe is a firm believer of applying innovation at different levels: design, business, client approach, project approach and good support team. He uses “unconventional” management strategies for JT&Partners to sustain its reputation as a world-renown consultant, delivering iconic, environmental and socially sustainable projects world-wide as well as retaining and expanding his clientele and contacts.

A talented, insightful and creative architect, he has the gift of being able to understand, interpret local cultural requirements/ aspirations and reflecting all these into cost-effective building design solutions. He creates buildings and communities that transcend

design and encompass social and environmental issues. Joe, JT&Partners and its projects received awards and recognitions from Cityscape, MEA, Arabian Property, UAE Business Awards, UAP Dubai. Recent completed projects include hotels in RAK, Seychelles and Egypt. Ongoing and upcoming projects include residential towers and villas, hotels, resorts, golf course, waterpark and hospital in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, RAK, Sharjah, Egypt, Greece and KSA.

Always alert to the latest trends and with eyes towards the future, he pushes his staff into looking at innovation, Internet of Things, digital twin, 3D printing, modeller construction and invests in the newest multi-media technology and up-to-date state-of-the-art tools.

Proactive in his commitments to CSR, Joe is heavily involved in raising awareness on sociable/sustainable communities, giving his team good health/financial benefits, fostering future generation, conducting business ethically/fairly, supporting worthy causes. Outside of the practice, he attends international industry related exhibits, actively participates in university lectures/ panel discussions and grants interviews to share his knowledge, experiences, viewpoints.

Joe is an inspiration to designers and architects. He achieved success through his innovative ideas in design and management, creativity to “think outside of the box” and being a flexible and adaptable visionary. To be ranked amongst the most powerful architects and influencers in the Region is an honour for Joe.