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Power hour 2022

Power Hour 2022: Dr. Najib Khatib, Chairman & CEO of Khatib & Alami , Ranks 12th

Dr Najib has been with K&A for 25 years, including four years as Chairman and five years as CEO.

In the past year Dr Najib has played a vital role in steering the company through the global challenges associated with Covid-19.

Dr Najib’s leadership and steady hand were vital in giving confidence to staff from the earliest stages of the pandemic, and through to today as we seek to ensure the business is well placed to benefit from the regional economic recovery.

Dr Najib was responsible for spearheading a Covid taskforce to ensure special measures could be quickly and efficiently implemented in the best interests of the company and our people.

His foresight in driving investment in digitalisation throughout the past decade was a key factor in enabling K&A’s business continuity, thanks to our smooth transition to remote working strategies. Having been an early adopter of the cloud, the foundations Dr Najib had laid ensured we were quickly able to deploy our design staff to work from home without impacting client projects.