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News Power hour 2021

Power Hour 2021:Maher Sweid, Managing Partner at Sweid & Sweid , Ranks 47th

Maher role in Sweid & Sweid is to work with multinational corporates to provide bespoke solutions that activate them into making a long-term commitment to Dubai, as well as offering value and substantial returns for their investor base on attractive developments both here in Dubai and in the United States – leading the international growth and expansion of our business.


“In the last 12 months we have taken our boutique Dubai firm global, and we have worked extremely hard to establish our presence in the United States,” said Maher.

As a business that was founded in Dubai in 2006, they have been able to gain traction in the United States in a short period of time has been seen as quite an achievement.

In particular, the handover of the first units of The Haywood in Texas last month, with their second project just announced and more to follow, the journey has just started for Sweid & Sweid in the United States.

“We are bringing the unique qualities of a Dubai developer to the US, and our product, our attention to detail and the way in which we conduct business, have been extremely well received by our partners, stakeholders, and investors globally,” Maher concluded.