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News Power hour 2021

Power Hour 2021: Imran Farooq, CEO, Samana Developers , Ranks 28th

Ranking 28:Imran Farooq ,CEO , Samana  Developers

“In last 12 months, which was the toughest time for any CEO, any entrepreneur and any company in wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Samana Developers embraced the challenge, remained resilient and fought the hardest time. There have been many challenges. The major one was the cashflow which was dealt with a conservative planning, improved collections, improved discounts for customers.


Construction during the pandemic lockdown was a big challenge because Covid-19 related restrictions, along the weak performance of contractors. We sat down with contractors to think of meeting the construction challenges. We said to contractors that both parties will be losers if we did not complete the projects on time.


I think the greatest achievement was the Samana Hills project where the groundbreaking took place in December 2019. Schedule for superstructure completion was October 2020. But by intruding night shifts of conduction workers during the pandemic and making the cashflow available, we were able to achieve the superstructure completion in August 2020.”