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Power 60 Power 60 2018

#27: Dr Najib Khatib, Khatib & Alami

Dr Najib Khatib was elected as the chairman of Khatib & Alami (K&A) in February 2017, in addition to the role of CEO, which he took up in 2016. His appointment recognised the outstanding contributions and achievements he has delivered throughout his 22-year career with the company. Dr Khatib has been a member of the K&A Board’s executive committee since 2006.

In 2011, Dr Khatib was elected as the managing director of K&A, and he quickly set in motion two key initiatives. Firstly, he oversaw the change in jurisdiction of the holding company from Lebanon to Singapore. K&A Holding, which owns all the group’s subsidiaries, is now a Singaporean holding company.

The second initiative was a major transformation project which has touched on almost every aspect of the business. Global management consultancy firms were invited to bid to support the project, and over the course of the next four years, it transformed the company into one that possesses all the attributes needed to continue on our growth and development journey.  Part of making the company fit for more structured growth included a modification of the business model and a complete restructure, in addition to the hiring of global experts where it was deemed necessary.

Dr Khatib tells CBNME: “We have identified and prioritised initiatives which will be delivered during the next three years as part of our digitalisation strategy. In 2018, this involves integrating a number of new tools and technologies (i.e. VR/AR, drones, 3D printing, digital twins, and generative/parametric design); investing further in existing technologies (e.g. BIM/GIS, platform services, AI services); driving adoption across the entire organisation; and working to increase collaboration with clients to address their challenges and needs.”