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News Power 60 2019

#24 Anwar Sammour, Intermass’s CFO

New entry, Anwar Sammour, CFO of Intermass, ranks 24th on our annual list of the Middle East’s Top 60 most prominent contractors, real estate developers, consultants, and facilities management companies.


24. Anwar Sammour, CFO of Intermass

As an Executive Board Member and Intermass’ CFO, Anwar has multiple roles that range from maintaining a balanced and healthy cash flow throughout the group and evaluating different investment opportunities across various verticals to being an integral part of the restructuring process that Intermass embarked on in 2018.

Intermass’ Executive Board, led by the Chief Executive Officer, rolled out a restructuring strategy for its contracting business based on five pillars: developing a highly capable team through constantly improving efficiency, training, recruitment, service, and project management.; assuring quality, safety, and integrity throughout the business; maintaining and developing excellent relationships with both existing and potential clients;  positioning ourselves competitively within the market to offer our clients the best value possible; and, finally, observing a strict adherence to program timelines to consistently deliver on time and within budget.

This strategy is steadily achieving its goals and yielding the desired results, as evidenced by the quality of the projects we are involved in and the seamless operations carried out by the different Intermass teams.

In the past 12 months Intermass has successfully been involved with The Aquila School, Dubai worth AED 104mn and Staff Accommodation at Hatta worth AED 88mn.

As the CFO, Anwar has established a solid network of banking relationships with tier-one banks in the UAE, which is essential for growing the business and ensuring very competitive finance costs. He has also commissioned and developed a customised ERP system to produce, in a seamless and timely way, financial reports that are essential to the management of our operations. He also plays an integral part of the decision-making process, evaluating new investment opportunities for the company, and continuing to examine them post-transaction.


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