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Power 60 2019

#6 Eng Fakher Al Shawaf, Al Bawani Company

6. Eng Fakher Al Shawaf, General Manager, Al Bawani Company

The name behind the success story is the director general of the Al Bawani Group and the general manager of Al Bawani Company, Eng Fakher Al Shawaf. Under his administration, Al Bawani has grown from strength to strength, focusing on the challenging projects to drive the company to new levels of achievement.

Al Bawani Co. is categorized “Class 1” Construction Company by Saudi classification agency and ISO 9001 : 2008 certified for Quality Management System for design, Engineering Works and Construction Management of Housing Complex, Industrial and Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Governmental, Diplomat Missions, Air Base and Defense Facilities.

Al Bawani Co., with our head office located in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a 100% Saudi owned and managed company, meeting with international standards and applying modern technologies in the field of construction. Our company consists of dynamic and well-trained executives and staff with vast experiences in the field of construction qualified and ready to tackle the challenging field of construction industry.

The construction firm is capable of executing a turnkey project to the satisfaction of their clients. For now they are primarily concentrating with the Saudi Arabian market and in addition to this; but are selectively active within the Middle East in our strong fields and fields in which they can operate profitably.

Eng Fakher Al Shawaf told Construction Business News: “We strive to further the aims of the Kingdom for Vision 2030 in KSA, and to achieve this, we are open to partnering with market specialists in order to give the client the service that the project requires, whether through mergers, acquisitions, teaming agreements, or joint ventures.”