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Power 60 2019

#22 Mohammed Jafer Musthafa, Founder and Managing Director, Daemaar Group

The annual list of the Middle East’s Top 60 most prominent contractors, real estate developers, consultants, facilities management companies features more than 11 new entries from across the region, putting in the spotlight the current improving outlook of the sector. These new entries have altered the entire corporate dynamics of the Power Hour 2019.


22.  Mohammed Jafer Musthafa, Founder and Managing Director, Daemaar Group

Mohammed Jafer Musthafa is the owner and managing director of Abu Dhabi-based group of companies, Daemaar Group.

Daemaar Group was founded in 2013 with a strong vision, dedication and commitment to build a quality future that unifies efforts within a strategic framework with clear objectives identifying the strength of the developing economy, integrating international and local expertise to weave a strong balance.

The company covers a wide range of businesses from construction to newly-launched retail division. Musthafa has grown the company through a series of entrepreneurial challenges and he is set to invest in poor communities and education/healthcare around the places that he has a business relation with.

Daemaar Group had seen an aggressive growth in the past three years and the management style of the young business owner is reinventing the business scene in the region.

In a statement on the company’s website Mohammed Jafer Musthafa said: “Daemaar Group was founded with a vision and a strong sense of commitment to provide the best of services in every operating sector, keeping a touch of the human element. Our pride lies in the core values that were always deeply rooted to the excellence of our work, the expertise of our team, the progression of our company, and the continuous effort to contribute to a better tomorrow, because the future is always under construction”

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