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Power 60 2019

#14 Mahdi Amjad, CEO of Omniyat

The annual list of the Middle East’s Top 60 most prominent contractors, real estate developers, consultants, facilities management companies features more than 11 new entries from across the region, putting in the spotlight the current improving outlook of the sector. These new entries have altered the entire corporate dynamics of the Power Hour 2019.


14. Mahdi Amjad, CEO of Omniyat

Mahdi Amjad founded Omniyat in 2005 with a vision to contribute to Dubai’s skyline through the development of modern commercial and residential buildings. He is the executive chairman and CEO of what has become one of Dubai’s fastest growing and most significant players in the real estate industry.


Over the last decade, Amjad has lead Omniyat to become a leading privately-held property developer that has dynamically enhanced the city’s skyline with landmark projects. He has led Omniyat to put art and design at the heart of every one of its developments and has been instrumental in large-scale collaborations with award-winning and globally respected designers, including the late Dame Zaha Hadid, Foster & Partners, and Super Potato.


Amjad’s astute management capability, visionary outlook, and proactive decisions have helped Omniyat to orchestrate development of unique projects at vantage locations within master communities. The company’s consistent and bespoke approach to all projects, from their design through to their delivery, generates a superior value proposition in a variety of investment environments and is widely recognised as an industry benchmark in the Arab region.


He tells CBNME: “In 2005, I looked at Dubai’s skyline as my canvas and still today I am making my mark with brushstrokes of unique and landmark projects, and with many more projects in the pipeline continues to innovate and delight.”

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