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Power 60 2019

#12 Talal Moafaq Al Gaddah, CEO, MAG Development

The annual list of the Middle East’s Top 60 most prominent contractors, real estate developers, consultants, facilities management companies features more than 11 new entries from across the region, putting in the spotlight the current improving outlook of the sector. These new entries have altered the entire corporate dynamics of the Power Hour 2019.


12. Talal Moafaq Al Gaddah, CEO, MAG Development

Talal Moafaq Al Gaddah has benefited from the experience of his father, Moafaq Ahmad Al Gaddah, who paved the way for him to enter the professional world with confidence. With a continuous focus on quality and excellence, Gaddah has helped MAG LD to take a leading position among its competitors and contributed to transforming the UAE’s real estate landscape by introducing innovative real estate concepts and identifying market needs.

As the CEO of the company, Gaddah drives the company’s overall direction and strategy while also guiding six departments, including finance, project management, sales, marketing, real estate development, and legal. His progressive vision is driving MAG LD to new heights with the introduction of pioneering developments that further the company’s mission to deliver long-term benefits and lasting quality to its investors and customers.

In statement on the company’s official website Talal said: “We believe that the future of MAG LD lies beyond brick-and-mortar; instead, it centres on creating unique concepts and new opportunities that proactively improve our customers’ lives. This continues the legacy of Moafaq Al Gaddah, Chairman and Founder of the MAG Group, whose life work has hinged on translating dreams into reality. Now, we are offering our customers not just buildings to live in, but new lifestyles to discover.”

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