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Vinyl Pipes launches uPVC Column Pipes

Borwell pipes are often riddled with leakages causing a lot of maintenance and water wastage. Vinyl Pipes has got to market a solution that addresses this problem very effectively.

Every Bore Well / Deep Well Submersible pump, requires a Delivery pipe to bring water out of Well. This Delivery pipe is called Column pipe. This is the important pipe because the pump relies completely on this pipe to deliver water.

With an objective of offering reliable solution to the pump industry Vinyl Pipes has brought to market column pipes that promise to raise the standard of Borewell installations- Column Pipes with a lock (patent pending). This lock has a dual role to play it not only ensures that the pipes are perfectly aligned but also supports the pipe in load-bearing which makes the pipes stress free and perfect for handling high pressure water.

Vinyl pipes have been designed for high durability and long lasting they have a life of 50+ years and thereafter being recyclable have a value past their life span too.

Quality is of key importance at Vinyl hence all Vinyl pipes undergo the Annealing process for alignment of all material. The process helps enhance the mechanical property of the pipe, adding years to its life.

Saumya Jain, Managing Director, Vinyl Pipes, at launch said “Just setting up functional water well is not enough one needs is a water well that is efficient and yields quality water year on year. These riser pipes with Patent locks enable the drilling industry to offer a solution that ensures quality water across the life span of the well, is low on maintenance and works as the pump’s best friend reducing the load on its motor and adding years to its life. A lot of R&D went in designing the pipes threading as we wanted it to be an asset for the pipeline rather than just a mechanism for perfect alignment of pipes. The current formulation enables it to be torque resistant, jerk resistant, encompass load-bearing capability adding to the reliability & durability of the pipes, improving the quality of the overall solution.”

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