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Video Recap: LNME FORUM 2023

Just incase you have missed it, we bring forward the video highlights for the LNME Forum 2023, held on March 20, 2023, at Sofitel The Palm. This forum had four panel discussions, including Transformation with Adaptation of Automation, Disruption in Aviation Industry, Logistics and Supply Chain in F&B, and Mile Delivery.

Speakers: David Dronfield | Majda Rochdi | Alain Kaddoum | Andrei Diminescu | Rajesh Menon | Robin Vermaat | Tarek ALMUHANNA | Marwan KHALIFE | Sooraj Mathew | Shailen Shukla | Juan S. Garza | Bassant Zein Al-Din.

Moderators: Marwa Kaabour | Vibha Mehta | Seymone Leigh Moodley | Aby Sam Thomas.

Sponsors: UD Trucks MEENA, Swisslog Middle East, Al-Futtaim Logistics, and Lyve.