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VIDEO: ALEC introduces effective measures on construction site to combat COVID-19

Leading UAE based contractor, ALEC, have introduced stringent measure to combat COVID-19 at construction sites.

In a video posted by Dubai Municipality, it shows the various measures taken by the contractor to ensure the safety and well-being of all workers on site.

According to Dubai Municipality the measures taken included wearing protective masks and gloves, providing sterilisation equipment in multiple locations at the site, measuring the temperature of workers before entering the site, maintaining physical distancing and avoiding gatherings, ensuring workers keep a safe distance between each other while travelling in and disembarking from buses, conducting continuous sterilisation of work sites and project extensions, avoiding overcrowding in temporary and permanent elevators, providing dedicated waste containers on site, providing protective clothing for workers in project warehouses, distributing timings for workers’ breaks to ensure physical distancing, ensuring office workers at the site maintain physical distancing, and providing disposable plates and cups.

In statement made on LinkedIn, ALEC said: “With circumstances changing due to difficult times, ALEC ensures the well-being of both our employees, and our entire supply chain by applying strict measures for maximum protection at all times. Thank you to Dubai Municipality for featuring all the measures in place on our sites.”