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UD Trucks launches Quester range in Saudi Arabia

UD Trucks and Rolaco Trading and Contracting have launched the new Quester range of trucks in Saudi Arabia.

The all-new Quester is a multi-purpose truck that can be used ‎off and on-road, for construction, distribution and long-haul transportation.

Commenting on the Quester’s arrival to the Middle East, Lars-Erik Forsbergh, President- UD Trucks Middle East said: “I am confident that Quester will be a big game changer for UD Trucks.

“More than 400 full-time experts from different nationalities, with extensive knowledge and ‎experience, have been involved in designing, developing and validating ‎Quester and its associated services.

“The team has spent 1,500,000 engineering hours and ‎‎65,000 test hours to build the ultimate trucking machine.”

The new Quester range is robust and strong, utilizing a combination of global technology and Japanese craftsmanship. The range combines the best of three worlds; UD’s heritage of Japanese craftsmanship and customer care, Volvo Group’s global technology and aftersales know-how, and cost efficiency.

UD Trucks, previously known as Nissan Diesel, is part of the Volvo Group.

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