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UAE: KONE unveils customised maintenance services

In a move to improve elevators and escalators’ maintenance services, KONE launched a unique set of tailor-made maintenance solutions catered to users’ needs in the UAE.

Following its successful launch in European markets, KONE Care is making its debut in the UAE offering customers higher flexibility, greater transparency, and better safety.

In the same manner, the new features will allow customers to build their own contract, based on their specific needs and business requirements. The introduction of these new services will enhance users’ experience.

In fact, through its online portal, customers will be able to request maintenance services, track maintenance status and equipment health through the new online platform. In addition, it will allow for greater transparency as it provides detailed information on maintenance, repairs, and call-out history, including contract and invoicing information.

KONE Care Online will enhance customer’s partnerships by allowing them to provide their own reports on the product’s operations. This, in turn, will grant them greater planning flexibility with regards to budgeting for future modernisation and maintenance.

Samer Halabi, regional managing director, said: “At KONE, we understand that one size will not fit all. We believe that users’ experience is different in every building. Consequently, we consider it an imperative to guarantee higher levels of flexibility to match customers’ specific needs.”

Similarly, through KONE Care Mobile, customers will be able to track their devices through an application that they can download on their cellphone devices. The application will allow users to request maintenance services. In addition, it will facilitate the monitoring of the treatment of the maintenance request, allowing its user to receive instant notifications on the status of their demand.

Unlike KONE Care Online and KONE Care Mobile, KONE’s 24/7 Connected Services facilitate the prediction of potential equipment faults, diagnosis of maintenance and take action. Through the IBM IoT platform, KONE 24/7 can collect vast amounts of data from elevator and escalator sensors and thus be monitored, analysed, and displayed in real-time.

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