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UAE: Allsopp & Allsopp unveils new property listing tech

Dubai-based real estate firm, Allsopp & Allsopp, unveiled a new technology which will allow house sellers to list their property on the go.

This latest technology – available via whichever device available – such as laptop, tablet, or mobile phone – means the ‘Form A’ property listing document can be filled in as little as 30 seconds. The Form A is compulsory document that needs to be signed before a real estate agent is able to bring a property to the market.

CEO Lewis Allsopp says: “The Form A is a fairly detailed three-page document that currently needs to be printed off, signed, scanned and sent back to us. In this day and age, we realised that this process is too cumbersome and lengthy, and doesn’t fit in with the speed and ease at which most people live their lives.”

The agency’s technology division developed a method whereby those listing properties with Allsopp & Allsopp can now simply click a few buttons to complete the form virtually. The document no longer needs printing, scanning, or signing – so the process can take just a minute.

“As far as we know, we are the first and only agency in the UAE to provide this technology, and we are rightly proud of it. Saving people time in our fast-moving city is always appreciated. It also means people can get their property listed regardless of where they are in the world, and importantly with their only need being a mobile phone – not everyone has easy access to a printer or scanner all the time, for instance,” adds Allsopp.

Allsopp & Allsopp, which has had a presence in the UAE since 2008, has invested heavily in ‘bricks and mortar’ premises to ensure their property services are conveniently available across the city. But now the current focus is also on utilising state-of-the-art technology to bring a smooth, seamless experience to all.

“We’re turning the biggest hurdle in coming to the market into a simple process, allowing property owners to get their property listed and online quicker with us than anyone else in the market that we know of,” says Allsopp.

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