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Transguard Group announces new AED114 million accommodation complex

by Kasun Illankoon

Transguard Group has announced the construction of new accommodation for 2,708 employees in Dubai South close to Jebel Ali port.

The area will include a dedicated medical clinic, a barber’s shop, a fully equipped gym, laundry facilities, and dining area offering a range of menus from Asia, Africa and Europe. A prayer hall, bike storage, recycling and ATM banking facilities will complement the G+4 building.

This new facility is the second construction project of its kind for Transguard.

The company broke ground on its first dedicated accommodations in 2017 with a G+7 facility in Jebel Ali that, when complete, will house nearly 10,000 staff members and include the same amenities as the G+4 accommodation.

“Our employees have always been our number one asset. This new development further underscores our commitment to offering the best living conditions available, which have been enhanced by our investment in recreational facilities. This provides our employees with an environment where they can rest, relax and feel at home, ultimately creating a happier and healthier workforce,” said Greg Ward, Managing Director, Transguard Group.
As part of Transguard’s enhanced human resource strategy, the move is aimed at offering the best living accommodation and facilities available, in a congenial environment.

“Employment practices and accommodation standards are both viewed as critical, fundamental elements to delivering the best possible standard of living for our staff,” commented Ward.


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