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Saudia Cargo And Cainiao Extend Partnership With New 12-Month Space And Service Commitment Agreement

Saudia Cargo has signed a new 12-month “space and service commitment” agreement with Cainiao Network, the logistics arm of Alibaba Group. The deal, which commenced on April 1st, 2023, and continues till March 31st, 2024, reserves exclusively selected SACC freighter flights from Hong Kong to Riyadh and Liege. The signing of the new agreement in Munich demonstrates Saudia Cargo’s continuing commitment to offering tailor-made solutions to one of the leading ECOM retailers in the world.

Teddy Zebitz, CEO of Saudia Cargo, commented: “We are thrilled to continue this partnership, explore new lanes from Hong Kong and China to other destinations, and provide customized solutions that meet their evolving needs. This new agreement is a testament to our ongoing commitment to delivering reliable and efficient air freight services to one of the world’s leading e-commerce logistics corporations.”

Vikram Vohra, Saudia Cargo’s Regional Director of Asia Pacific, added: “The success of last year’s cooperation agreement with Cainiao allowed Saudia Cargo to achieve significant growth in e-commerce shipments. We have increased our capacity and cargo flights to destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America to ensure we continue to meet the rising demand for e-commerce.”

Saudia Cargo’s partnership with Cainiao is a win-win situation for both parties. It provides Cainiao with increased access to Middle Eastern markets and allows Saudia Cargo to benefit from the growing global e-commerce market. The new agreement is a testament to the two companies’ strong partnership and successful cooperation.

Regarding the new agreement, Wu Man, general manager of Cainiao International Air Logistics Department, said:” Our partnership with Saudia Cargo is a vital part of our business strategy, and we are thrilled to be expanding it further. By reserving exclusive space for their shipments on select Saudia Cargo freighter flights, we can ensure that our cargo is transported with the utmost care and efficiency.”

This new agreement is a testament to Saudia Cargo’s commitment to providing tailor-made solutions to one of the world’s leading e-commerce retailers. As it continues to grow its partnership with Cainiao, Saudia Cargo is also exploring new lanes from Hong Kong and China to the Middle East, Africa, and possibly Latin America in the long term.