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News Power hour 2021

Power Hour 2021: Mansour bin Madi, CEO of the Real Estate Development Fund (KSA) , Ranks 58th

Mansour bin Madi possess more than 30 years of leadership and practical experience in the financial sector, during which he worked on strategizing , planning and launching various financial and funding products and solutions as well as leading major digital projects on both local and international levels.

He has held many positions, the last of which was his assignment as the GM of the Real Estate Development Fund. During his period Mr. bin Madi has led the Real Estate Development Fund to significant achievements that contributed to realizing the goals of the Saudi housing program, where by the Real estate development fund found new innovative methods to accommodate a 15 years long waiting list in just 3 years to achieve the 2020 (60%) Saudi housing target, through a new loaning program “the subsidized loan”, growing significantly from 47% in 2017. More than 487,000 Saudi families benefited from the financing and housing programs provided by the “subsidized loan” in various regions of the Kingdom until the end of the first quarter of 2021