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Power Hour 2021: Francis Scholten, Managing Director International Projects & Middle East, Losberger De Boer, Ranks 38th

Francis joined Losberger De Boer in 1999 as an account manager. In 2018, she stepped into the role of managing director, overseeing international projects with a focus on those countries without a dedicated business unit in-country. In 2019, her role expanded to include the Middle East, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

As COVID-19 spread across the regions in which Losberger De Boer operates, the company recognised that flexibility and adaptability would be essential in achieving continued success. The past twelve months have been more unpredictable than the previous years; Losberger De Boer saw the events landscape change significantly in a truly short period of time, with live entertainment, sporting and business events being cancelled or postponed.

Francis encouraged the team to be proactive in adapting its core products to provide customers with solutions that help them address changing guidelines and regulations. Losberger De Boer was well-positioned to take decisions quickly on how to pivot its existing solutions into new applications.

For example, Losberger De Boer structures are being utilised as COVID-19 PCR testing facilities, vaccination centres and expanded warehouse solutions to meet the increased demand for online shopping.

Throughout the pandemic, Francis and the Losberger De Boer team worked closely with customers, governments, and health authorities to adapt the company’s structures, which enabled them to offer solutions that address the challenges countries and organisations have faced over the last twelve months.

Simultaneously, Losberger De Boer has continued to prepare for when large-scale, live events will become possible again. In preparation, the events specialist has been dedicating resources to exploring how the events industry can make event spaces safer, looking at how space can be added, people flow and event routing, entrances, and technologies to make shared spaces cleaner to decrease the risk of cross-contamination.

One of Losberger De Boer’s major successes over the past twelve months has been its capacity to innovate, offering practical solutions that address the challenges customers are facing.