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Power Hour 2021: Eng. Fakher Alshawaf, Group CEO of Al Bawani Group, Ranks 3rd

Ranking 3: Eng. Fakher Alshawaf, Group CEO of Al Bawani Group

Eng. Fakher has been at the helm of Al Bawani Group for 22 years and has strived for growth and brand recognition in the company.

“We have built an extraordinarily strong EPC team while increasing our reliance on technology advancements. This can be utilized to capture deal flow, and help us deliver projects on time, and maximize our efficiency. I believe our hands-on approach in management and ability to adapt to challenging environments sets us apart. We are placing a high emphasis on technology and how it is utilized in our sector,” said Eng. Fakher.

Al Bawani is one of the leading adopters of Building Information Modeling (BIM) at an early stage in Saudi EPC/Civil works sector. The continuous assessment and upgrade of ERP system, provides with better intelligence on our business and increases their competitiveness.

Eng. Fakher told CBNME: “Our Digital Transformation Strategy focuses on the digitalization of our supply chain, our internal operation, HR and engineering departments, and aiding our optimization efforts across our business functions. We are also moving several support departments that have the scale to be profit centers. This should positively impact our productivity and efficiency.”

On the CSR front, Al Bawni have invested heavily in its employees and supports many young Saudi Arabian’s and is central to their organsiation. The group is working on centralising their various training programs through a dedicated institute, which will collaborate with local and international training providers and institutes to provide latest certified knowledge and best practices, when it comes to AI and digitization, and its application in their sector.