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Power Hour 2021: Atif Rahman, Director & Partner at Danube Properties, Ranks 25th

Ranking 25: Atif Rahman, Director & Partner at Danube Properties

Atif Rahman is an Entrepreneur in the UAE since 2004. He is the Director and Partner at Danube Properties, which he started with Rizwan Sajan in 2014 in Dubai, UAE. Danube Properties, the development arm of Danube Group, has achieved unprecedented success and growth through record-breaking sales, timely project delivery, and immense consumer support under Atif Rahman’s guidance and leadership. In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has been a strength test for leadership at every level.

Prior to the pandemic, the markets across the globe were already sluggish, which made the combat more challenging under the effect of reducing trade revenues.

“I’m a firm believer that businesses with strong leadership in place are better equipped to act spontaneously during downturn, and remain aligned with long-term sustainable goals, which are further boosted by the workforce of the respective organization.”

“More precisely, one cannot dig a well once the fire has happened and I believe we were aptly placed to remain afloat during the last 12 months. We remained focused on “what not to do” to avoid pitfalls with greater attention on process rather than results. This helped us record growth in every area of business with no downtime and most importantly zero casualty,” said Atif.

In the past 12 months, Danube Properties projects such as  Miraclz & Bayz have obtained the Building Completion Certificate in February and April 2021. As a customer-centric organization, Danube remains committed to maximizing customer happiness.

“We defied all challenges that the pandemic has caused, and we dedicated our efforts toward fulfilling our promises toward our customers,” said Atif.

Danube Properties is planning to launch around 6000+ units in 2021 and will continue to offer projects that raise the bar in the development lifestyle with world-class amenities, offering homeowners comfort, convenience, and lifestyle.

Atif explained, “When building properties, we ensure that they are for the long-term.  We are taking the innovation in real estate solutions to another level while ensuring increased value for the consumer.”

Apart from reinforcing Danube Properties influence in Dubai’s market share, they are working on diversifying our business through 2021 and 2022. This expansion includes starting property development business in two new countries and addition of a new vertical in Dubai as a forward integration.