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Power Hour 2020: Tenable FEC’s Sam Alcock secures the 44th position

CBNME’S Power Hour Annual List of the Middle East’s Top 60 features the most prominent Contractors, Real estate Developers, Consultants, Architects, Facilities Management, Asset Management Companies, and so much more that encapsulates the construction industry.

These influential leaders have reshaped the industry with their introduction of new innovative strategies and thought leadership that makes them stand apart in 2020.

You can check out the full coverage of the Power Hour here.


Tenable FEC’s Dubai director, Sam Alcock, has just under a decade’s experience in a range of fire engineering consultancy roles. Sam joined Tenable FEC’s Oman office as a fire consultant and was tasked with handling Dubai’s operations, an opportunity that allowed him to grow and nurture the business before being officially appointed as Director.

Under the supervision of Sam Alcock the company is recognised for delivering some of the region’s most robust and professional reports, demonstrating the company’s commitment to raising fire engineering consultancy services regionally. In 2019 and 2020, Tenable FEC consulted on and provided services for some of the most prestigious projects, including upgrades to Jumeirah Beach Hotel, various Expo 2020 pavilions, 5-star resorts, and travelling to Campione d’Italia to assist a Dubai based developer with their boutique hotel.  The company also worked and is currently working on several international projects, including a Hilton Curio in Nairobi, Hilton and Garden Inn in Egypt, a museum, schools and resorts in KSA. Although 2020, has brought with it a number of significant challenges, including project delays, travel restrictions and periods of lockdown, Tenable FEC has achieved approximately 50% of its 2020, forecasted budget.