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Power Hour 2020: New Entrant, Haleema Humaid Al Owais, Ranks 34th

CBNME’S Power Hour Annual List of the Middle East’s Top 60 features the most prominent Contractors, Real estate Developers, Consultants, Architects, Facilities Management, Asset Management Companies, and so much more that encapsulates the construction industry.

These influential leaders have reshaped the industry with their introduction of new innovative strategies and thought leadership that makes them stand apart in 2020.

You can check out the full coverage of the Power Hour here.


34. Haleema Humaid Al Owais, CEO of Sultan bin Ali Al Owais Real Estate

A visionary. A risk-taker. A responsible leader. Haleema Humaid Al Owais, CEO of Sultan bin Ali Al Owais Real Estate rightfully deserves all her epithets.

At the helm of three large companies that cover the entire scale of needs of her core business in construction, real estate development, and real estate management, Haleema has proven time and again that challenges you deal with will eventually define your character.

When she entered the ‘then’ male-dominated industry of real estate and construction, Haleema was just 22 years old. Undaunted by the task ahead of her, she turned to her known resources in the shape of a senior colleague who had trained her in her previous job. This core team of three thus laid the framework for becoming the Sultan bin Ali Al Owais Real Estate.

In terms of projects under development and completed, the company has delivered/handed over close to 100 units in Ajman, a 65000 square foot building in Sharjah, and also built a Mosque in Sharjah. The company has two more projects underway, including a residential development in RAK and a mixed-use development on Emirates Road in Ajman.

Haleema told CBNME: “My role involves Strategy, Management, and ensuring that we are always focused on our corporate ethos and vision. The most valuable change brought about during my term would be the enhancement of a strong corporate structure from a traditional family-owned business.”