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Power Hour 2020: John Pagano, CEO at The Red Sea Development Company, secures 10th position

CBNME’S Power Hour Annual List of the Middle East’s Top 60 features the most prominent Contractors, Real estate Developers, Consultants, Architects, Facilities Management, Asset Management Companies, and so much more that encapsulates the construction industry.

These influential leaders have reshaped the industry with their introduction of new innovative strategies and thought leadership that makes them stand apart in 2020.

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10. John Pagano, CEO at The Red Sea Development Company

John Pagano has been tasked with delivering one of Saudi’s most ambitious luxury sustainable tourism project that would place Saudi Arabia on the global tourism map.

Over the past 12 months, the Project made a significant amount of tangible progress following the master plan
approval in January 2019, with work well underway on the enabling infrastructure that will support the destination’s
development, with around 2,000 construction workers currently onsite.

Development has commenced on a bridge linking Shurayrah Island to the mainland, and we recently completed work on the 100-hectare onsite landscaping nursery. This will be one of the largest in the Middle East, set to provide over 15 million plants to landscape the destination by its completion.

Construction has also begun on building 77km of roads, including a 10km highway, a 13km airport access road, interconnecting roads within the destination, and an access road to the bridge connecting the main hub island.

John told CBNME: “I want to ensure that everyone involved in the Project knows that they are part of something
far bigger than simply building a tourism destination. We are striving to make a positive impact by providing new opportunities for Saudi people by encouraging a burgeoning hospitality, leisure, and tourism industry.”

“Additionally, having worked on several high-profile real estate and tourism projects, it’s clear to me that to showcase
the true beauty of Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea, conservation and sustainability must be incorporated from the very
start if we wish to go beyond simply protecting to actively enhancing the environment.”