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Power Hour 2020: Eng. Fakher Alshawaf, Group CEO of Al Bawani Group, climbs up two spots to secure the number 4 position

CBNME’S Power Hour Annual List of the Middle East’s Top 60 features the most prominent Contractors, Real estate Developers, Consultants, Architects, Facilities Management, Asset Management Companies, and so much more that encapsulates the construction industry.

These influential leaders have reshaped the industry with their introduction of new innovative strategies and thought leadership that makes them stand apart in 2020.

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4. Eng. Fakher Alshawaf, Group CEO of Al Bawani Group


For Al Bawani Group, it was another year of steady growth and diversification that continues the fruitful history that started four decades back.  


Al Bawani brand has grown from a modest civil-works firm into a full-fledged turnkey general contracting corporation with a sizable portfolio, strong financial position, and a significant presence in a broad range of industries. Leading this charge has been Eng. Fakher Alshawaf, Group CEO of Al Bawani Group: “Our group business has successfully diversified into a wide range of sectors including construction, technology, trading, media and publishing, industrial works, real estate management and investments.”


The group works with more than 30 clients in more than 15 cities across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The clients vary from the government, semi-government and private enterprises. Al Bawani has a direct workforce of over 12,000 employees and a very healthy supply chain. 


In 2019 and first half of 2020, Al Bawani has been awarded over SR 5.9 billion worth of construction projects covering a wide range of industries and sectors. Al Bawani has secured projects such as SWPC – Shuqaiq Desalination Plant Phase 3; Saudi Aramco – MFD: Tanajib Industrial and Security Support Facilities: Pkg 13; King Faisal Air Academy Construction and Relocation Project; DGDA – Diriyah Gate Development: Phase 1: Bujairi District; TRSDC – Red Sea Tourism Project, Phase 1: Coastal Village, Residential; and much more.


As part of Vision 2030, the group moves towards partnering with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the reform agenda to increase the private sector participation in the Kingdom’s economy. A key measure in this direction is to encourage the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) through Build-Operate-Own/Transfer (BOT) projects in the essential services. 


“The group envisions to be aligned with such futuristic opportunities and is partnering with the other credible groups in bidding for such projects,” said Eng. Fakher Alshawaf


Also, Al Bawani revealed to CBNME that the group recently secured two more projects: 


60-Schools in Western Province 


The group is part of a joint venture with Ajyad Knowledge, a local Saudi investment firm, to build, operate and transfer 60 schools for Tatweer Building Co., a Ministry of Education affiliate. We will be acting as the EPC contractor and financial investor to build the schools in 3 years that will be operated and maintained for 22 years. Total value of EPC is US$375mn.


Jubail 3A Desalination Project 


The group has partnered in a joint-venture with ACWA Holding, a Saudi based international water and power firm, to build the world’s largest desalination plant with a capacity of 600,000 m3/day. After completion, the JV will have the concession to operate the plant for 20 years and transfer the ownership to Saudi Water and Power Co. Project cost will be around US$500 million.