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Power Hour 2020: Eltizam’s CEO Chris Roberts breaks into the top 10, grabbing the 8th spot

Photo: Chris Roberts, CEO of Eltizam Asset Management Group

CBNME’S Power Hour Annual List of the Middle East’s Top 60 features the most prominent Contractors, Real estate Developers, Consultants, Architects, Facilities Management, Asset Management Companies, and so much more that encapsulates the construction industry.

These influential leaders have reshaped the industry with their introduction of new innovative strategies and thought leadership that makes them stand apart in 2020.

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Chris joined the Eltizam Asset Management Group in 2014 as its CEO. Since then, the company has grown from AED 35 million to over AED 300 million in revenues and now has more than 2,000 highly skilled employees. Tafawuq and Three60 Communities, a subsidiary of Eltizam, both posted healthy revenue and contracts win. Tafawuq sealed AED 739mn in H1 2020 while Three60 Communities yearly charge collection reached more than AED 500mn.

In terms of expansion plans, Eltizam intends to expand its existing operations in Oman, also expanding into the Egypt market with two businesses in Q3 2020, and launching the next phase of expansion plans in major regional markets, namely Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait, from Q4 2020 onwards.

One of the most significant internal accomplishments of his leadership is the 2019 launch of Get Wonky, Eltizam’s organizational and business enhancement culture. Get Wonky seeks to embed strong corporate values across the group, paving the way for positive business outcomes. Seeking to build on the organization’s successful track record, Chris continuously works with his leadership team to challenge the status quo, encouraging both entities and team members to excel at what they do, ensuring customer happiness and employee well-being.

Also under Chris’s leadership, Eltizam has become a leader in innovative solutions that allow the group to stay ahead of market trends and keep pace with technological advancements by investing in and successfully implementing the latest industry technologies.  Below are a few innovative technologies that Eltizam has introduced:

  • QuickPay online payment solution, which saw AED 50 million in payments processed since February 2020.
  • Tafawuq Go maintenance mobility app that ensured over 600,000 man-hours were saved since 2019.
  • Launched Nestrom QHSE inspection app.
  • Eltizam became one of the first organizations in the Middle East to deploy the SAP HANA, a next-generation ERP system.
  • Launched next-generation SAP Ariba platform for Clients, an end-to-end procurement solution with SAP Ariba to its clients, transforming the core procurement operations through to finance, with increased process automation, operational efficiency, and digitization.